GEDA extra large hoists


GEDA 3700 Z/ZP

GEDA’s top-flight 3700 Z/ZP is the high-quality German manufacturer’s largest hoist. For a growing construction market that demands higher loads and larger platform sizes, the 3700 Z/ZP offers four different platform dimensions with a maximum load capacity of 3700kg, making this transport platform versatile and adaptable to any on-site challenge.

The 3700 Z/ZP is fully compatible with the GEDA system, with smooth start and stop. There’s a load indicator for monitoring the load distribution, and a four different platform dimensions available up to 5.00×2.90m.

This platform size options are as follows:

• Platform dimensions
2.15m x 2.90m
3.10m x 2.90m
4.05m x 2.90m
5.00m x 2.90m
• Safe working load
3700kg/7 persons
3400kg/7 persons
3200kg/7 persons
3000kg/7 persons
• Lifting speed 12/24m/min
• Maximum height 100m
• Power supply 415V three-phase

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