GEDA inclined tile hoist

GEDA 200kg inclined ladder/rope hoist

Perfect for every roofing job – the simplicity of this hoist makes it one of the best and most popular hoists for roofers. 

This GEDA hoist has many different platforms: Vario platform (where the platform is horizontal running up an incline), solar panel platform, tipping skip platform, sheet carrier, tile cage platform, furniture and standard platform.

Practical, portable and very flexible, the hoist can be used in dozens of different ways. Want to replace the labour-intensive work of carrying objects up or down hills? No problem. Need to move furniture through an upstairs window in a house or flat? Get the GEDA. Having trouble transporting objects out of cellars? This lift is your friend. In fact, the possibilities are endless…

Direct Hoist can supply a GEDA inclined hoist for your next project, to buy or for hire at competitive prices and preferable terms. Give Direct Hoist a call for the easy solution.

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