GEDA goods hoists

GEDA 200 Z (rack & pinion)

Small and lightweight (only 44 kg), the handy GEDA 200 Z is ideal for scaffolders and construction workers. Its mast with toothed rack can be fixed to the scaffold using only one tube. The anchoring distances are 4m. The entire unit requires an area of just 1.5×1.5m on the ground, making it possible to load the hoist parallel to the building. Unloading at landing levels can be easily done by turning the platform by 90° to the left or right.

Payload: 200kg •
Maximum height: 35m •
Voltage: 240v •
Amps: 16A per phase •
Lifting speed: 25m/min •
Platform overload protection: yes •
Concrete base required: no •
 Platform type: swivel •
Platform dimensions: width: 0.8m  length: 1.4m • 

GEDA 300 Z (rack & pinion)

A firm favourite for building sites, the GEDA 300 Z features lightweight 2 metre aluminium mast segments, meaning it can be used to transport various kinds of goods and construction materials. Tough and economical, this spacious load platform is an ideal rental hoist for permanent use on site. As an added benefit, the GEDA 300 Z can be specified for single- (230V) or three-phase (400V) power supplies.

Payload: 300kg •
Max height: 50m/100m •
• Voltage: 415v
• Amps: 16A per phase•
Lifting speed: 20m/min •
Platform overload protection: yes •
Concrete base required: no •
Platform type: swivel or linear load •
Platform dimensions: width: 0.75m depth: 1.40m •

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GEDA 500 Z (rack & pinion)

GEDA’s rack-and-pinion hoists with steel segment masts have a great reputation among construction workers. The 500 Z’s load platform offers enough space for two wheelbarrows or large pallets, plus fixing devices for bulky construction materials. Its steel mast system allows for easy assembly from the platform up to a height of 100m. The platform can be turned  by 90° for safe unloading, while loading at the base unit is carried out parallel to the building – very space-saving and ideal for narrow construction sites.

• Payload: 500kg
• Maximum height: 100m
• Voltage: 415v
• Amps: 16A per phase
• Lifting speed: 30m/min
• Platform overload protection: yes
• Concrete base required: no
• Platform type: swivel or linear
• Load platform dimensions: width: 1.40m depth: 1.60m

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