Scaffold erection hoists

GEDA Maxi 120/150 scaffold hoist

Wire rope hoists make light work for scaffolders but are equally useful for roofers and painters who use these speedy tools to transport materials onto the scaffold. With two lifting speeds, an overload protection and a slack rope switch – as well as a variety of different load receptacles – the GEDA Maxi is ideal for safely transporting scaffold components and building materials. The GEDA Maxi system offers quick assembly, easy manoeuvrability and great versatility, with the option of installing the handy drive to the scaffold on the bottom and the lightweight swivel arm in the desired height at the top.

Payload: 120/150kg •
Maximum height: 40m/76m •
Voltage: 110v/240v •
Lifting speed: 110v: 13m-39m/min; 240v: 15m-45m/min •
Rope length 51m-81m •
WWL overload protection: yes •

GEDA Star 250

Save time and labour on construction sites using a GEDA swivel-arm hoist. Rope hoists can be installed on any part of the building – such as window openings, between storeys or on the roof – or directly onto the scaffold. Ideal for material transportation on every construction site, the GEDA Star 250 has a working height of up to 50m and, as it is possible to separate the electrical winch from the swivel arm, can be assembled by one person. It’s quick and easy to use even under difficult circumstances – can your site work without one?

Payload: 250kg •
Maximum height: 50m •
Voltage: 110v/240v •
Lifting speed: 28m/min •
Rope length 51m •

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